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Get out of trouble

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If things are not working the way you think they should, try the following.

You try to run a script, but get an error message: ‘No module named package.scripts’

Rhino’s module search path is not set. There are two possible causes.

  1. If you downloaded the interpreter package between 21 and 25 November 2015, you got a package with incorrect folder names (my fault, sorry). You can download the interpreter package again. (Follow the instructions on the set-up page.) Or you can rename the folders as follows:
  2. interpreter-package-2015-11 → interpreter-package
    python-scripts → package

  3. If not, then probably you forgot to set the search path or you did it wrong. Follow the instructions on the set-up page.

You import a .dat file, but nothing is displayed

Check that all shapes are maximal (i.e., there are no overlapping or abutting collinear lines).

Check that layer names are made up of ASCII characters (and not, for example, input by Asian language input methods). Check that path names are made up of ASCII characters.

You are running a grammar and expect a rule to be applied, but you get a message saying ‘No next shape’

The shape in the rule may not be what you think it is. For example, object snap may have been turned off when you drew the shape, and it is not exactly the right size.

The grammar just doesn’t run

Go through the pre-export check list again.

If all else fails

Restart the interpreter.

And if that doesn’t work

Write to me.

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Contact me

i (at) andrew (dot) li

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