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The Yingzao Fashi Project

Located at
Department of Architecture
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Welcome to the Yingzao Fashi Project. We use computer models to study and teach 12th-century Chinese wood-frame architecture, which is described in detail in the government building manual, Yingzao fashi (Building Method), published in 1103. At this site, we have assembled some of the materials that we have been developing since 1993.

Our most important tool is a virtual model kit--a kit of parts, rather like Lincoln Logs. This kit is not yet publicly available because it is still in development, but all the computer models and images you see at this site were made with it. We have used the virtual model kit and other materials in our teaching, and we are pleased to say that our students were enthusiastic about it.

We hope that you find our site interesting, and will be glad to hear your comments.

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We'd like to know what you think of this site. Send your (constructive) comments to Andrew I-kang Li. August 1997.
Keywords: Chinese architecture, computer-aided design, computer-aided architectural design, CAD, CAAD, Yingzao fashi, Ying-tsao fa-shih
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