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Conway error

If things (on Windows) are not working the way you think they should, see whether your problem is here.

You get an error message

Message: No module named builtins
The folder named builtins is not installed (step 2.b).

Message: No module named sortal
The folder named sortal is not installed (step 2.c).

Message: No module named controller
The third module search path is not set (step 4.a.iii).

Message: No module named <module_name>
One of the Python module search paths is not set. Check that you have set the search paths correctly (step 4).

Message: 'module' object has no attribute '_getframe'
The ‘Frames Enabled’ box was not checked. Check it (step 4.b).

File "Z:\…\<script>.py", line 1

SyntaxError: unexpected token <some_word>

This problem is difficult to describe precisely, but easy to understand. Probably you accidentally typed something into the script, and now the script doesn’t make sense. This can happen when you think you’re typing into the command line, but the cursor is in the script, so you’re actually typing into the script.

To fix it, delete whatever got typed into ‘<script>.py’. This will usually be at the beginning of the first line, before the first word (which is almost always ‘from’ or ‘import’). If there is a space in front of the first word, delete the space too. Save the file.

If this makes you nervous, here is another approach. Close the corrupted script. Find your archive copy of the package, and use a clean copy of ‘<script>.py’ to overwrite the corrupted copy. Reset the Python script engine (Tools / Reset Script Engine). Reopen the script.

This is a normal error; it happens to me too. Future versions will have an interface where this can’t happen.

Nothing is obviously wrong

Check that you followed the ‘Tips on drawing shapes’.

If all else fails

Restart Rhino.

And if that doesn’t work

Write to me.