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About the materials

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This is a preliminary version of a teaching tool that we are developing at the Department of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are distributing it to you now for purposes of trial and evaluation.

This CD-ROM contains various categories of information - instructions, glossary, construction animations, and so on. The individual categories of information are incomplete, but should be sufficient to demonstrate our intent. We expect that the next version will expand the content, but not the number of categories. In addition, the present Netscape version will be redone in Macromind Director in the next version.

Please help us by trying out the tool and telling us how we can improve it. We welcome any and all comments. Thanks!

Andrew I-kang Li, andrewili@cuhk.hk
Jin-Yeu Tsou, b137787@mailserv.cuhk.hk

Hong Kong, 1 November 1995

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